Should I take Business Loan or not ?

POSTED BY Mohan Shetty ON December 18, 2013 2:16 pm COMMENTS (2)

I am looking for business loan, I am confused and not sure whether I should take it or not. Can anybody suggest?

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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Shetty,

    If you genuinely require a loan for your business, then you should consider applying for the same. Our suggestion would be that you analyse your monthly cash inflows and outflows along with any existing EMI(s) you have been paying. Apply for a loan amount that you think would not burden your monthly budgets.

    Also do check your credit report and score before you apply for the loan. A low score or poor credit history has the potential of hindering your loan application.


  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Mohan, how can one answer this question without knowing the background of your situation?



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