Should I sell my diesel car if I am using max 6000/km per year ?

POSTED BY Jay ON October 22, 2014 12:10 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hello Experts,

I purchased swift diesel car on 2013 and i am using very rarely, Max 6000/km yearly

Is it good to sell if I get price between 6-6.5 lakh.

Please advice..

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  1. santy221 says:

    Hi Jay,

    I think now the question is slightly different. If you are looking to sell a car to make a down payment for your house, it would be purely your choice. It doesn’t matter if you own a petrol or diesel car.

    From the selling price perspective alone, 6.25 might be a good price if you can haggle with your buyer.

    Before you sell your car, visualize your future plans. If you see buying a new car in another 2-3 years again, I dont see selling as a good idea. You need to find alternative source of money for the down payment on the house.

    However if you don’t see buying a car for another 5 years, then go ahead and sell the car and move into your new home!

    All the best!

  2. Jay says:

    Dear Santy,
    Thanks a lot for your advice.
    I know I will lose more than 1.5 lakh if I sell for 6.5 lakh.
    But now I need money to buy house.
    I was in the impression that I will get family house where I spend more than 10 lakhs. While purchasing mother told house id for me. Now my parents ate not showing any interest on this. Now I have good job may be that is the reason they are thinking like this and I do not want to fight with them .
    So thought of buy a house.

  3. santy221 says:

    This is usually a point of discussion before we buy a car. Since you are already the owner and you have been using it, I don’t see the point of selling the car. You will stand to lose a considerable amount due to depreciation.

    If you sell up this car at 6.25 lakh, you will end up spending another 50-70K to buy the petrol version of the same car. Your running cost also increases by switching to petrol. So what are you gaining out of it?

    My suggestion is to leave it in the past and continue to enjoy your car. Choose the next car more wisely.

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