Shift From LIC Home Loan to SBI max gain

POSTED BY P Diwakar ON September 10, 2012 11:12 am COMMENTS (2)

Dear Sir,

I am at present having LIC Home Loan of 25Lacks with 11.15% Fixed EMI for 5-years.

I have taken this loan in Oct,2011. This is 1-year now.

If I want to shift to\”SBI Home Loan Max gain\\”, will I have benefits as compared to LIC?

This is since i want to start paying 1Lacks of Principle every year and I may use, some deposited amont later on for other investment.

Can you please advice me on this?

What is the Max Freq of Transaction I can do with SBI OD Account?

Thanks and regards

P Diwakar

+91 8989536234

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  1. Senthil Kumar says:

    Hi Diwakar, My situation is exactly the same as you, now.But I am planning the switch over after 2 yrs. Have you switched your home loan to a new bank? If so what are the procedures for that? Any charges applied to convert a fixed rate loan?

  2. Dear P Diwakar, Please switch your loan to SBI Max Gain. First of all you ‘ll get the benefit of low interest rate of 10.25% for SBI. As you are planning to park surplus funds into Max Gain account, you ‘ll get the benefit of lower interest outgo & at the same time, liquidity of your parked amount ‘ll be there with you.



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