SHCIL Vs The Rest

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Hello All,

I want to open a Demat account, so that I can invest directly in some shares for long term. However, I have a dilemma, which broker to choose.

1). Is it better to open an account with “Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited” then any other Brokerage house? Is it worth paying a bit high brokerage to SHCIL?

2). What are your views regarding ICICI Direct?

I came across an article at Moneylife (link given below):

Hence, I want to avoid any kind of malpractice. Please share your views.

Thanks and Regards,

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  1. J says:

    Hi Ashal,

    Thanks for your input. You are right that it doesn’t make much difference in the long term.

    Can you also suggest, whether SHCIL enjoys any advantages over others like ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, etc, considering that it is the largest custodian of securities and depository participant?

    Awaiting your reply.

    Thanks and have a nice day ahead!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Dear J, as far as question of brok. fee goes, it’s like the old debate of Petrol v/s Diesel v/s CNG. If you are going to invest for long term, please do tell me the impact of different %age brok charges. if one is charging 0.5% & another is charging 0.75%.



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