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POSTED BY suresh k ON November 25, 2012 3:12 pm COMMENTS (2)

I’ve availaed SBI MaxGain loan and I can see the the OD account is appearing linked to SBI SB A/C id. I was told that the i can transfer funds to and FROM the OD account.

I’ve recently registered my property. But, I still don’t see the OD account appearing the list of accounts that I can transfer funds FROM. I’m able to ONLY transfer funds TO the OD Account.

Does any one have an information this.




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  1. Dear Suresh, please contact your loan servicing branch & asked for transaction rights on your OD acct. once these rights are active, you can transfer from OD to Sb also.



  2. OD account stands for Over Draft account. The Over draft account deals with borrowed money or funds. Over draft account holders can withdraw an extra amount on credit if their account has no funds.
    Please refer:,1,20,115,741,786

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