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POSTED BY Ela Selvaraj ON February 13, 2013 8:48 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Sir,

I am an NRI and applied for SBI maxgain home loan. Will SBI ask credit report from the country where I am staying in? As because I also applied in Axis bank but they require my credit report from Germany to give the sanction letter. But getting the credit report is not that easy. 

Please let me know whether SBI require my credit report from Germany? 

Thank you

Ela Selvaraj

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  1. Dear Ela, there may be different practices in different banks. I can not comment that SBI ‘ll ask your credit report or not but if possible to you, please keep one ready with you for your future reference.

    From your post, it seems, your Indian credit report/data is not available that may be due to the fact that you are not availing any credit facility in India. That;s why Axis or PNB had asked for your credit score/report in Germany.

    You may get it clarified with SBI customercare or your branch manager from where you have applied for your home loan.



  2. Ela Selvaraj says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Yes ! Axis bank asked me to arrange the credit report from Germany. They sent me two websites ‘Schufa’ and ‘Experian’ to get the data. I am well aware of Schufa (credit reporting agency) but i need to apply for it and later I will receive the documents for login. But it may take 2 more weeks. Even Punjab National Bank asked me the same but SBI never asked me any documents like that atleast during the application process. But now I wonder whether SBI will also ask for the same for NRI customers?


  3. Dear Ela, You mean to say Axis bank asked you to arrange your Credit report from Germany?

    Please clarify.



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