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I was able to deduct some very good information about the SBI maxgain from this site; based on which I have already applied for it. Due to my reasons I had opted for a moratarium period of 18 months. Does anyone have an EMI calculator wherein I can put this moratorium period and come up with an accurate figure of EMI payable.

Also is it possible for me to reduce this moratorium period after the loan is disbursed; let’s say after a year if I am comfortable to pay full EMI amount.

Other question is about equitable mortgage registration; what are the charges payable for this activity?

If any one can answer my queries it would help me.

Thanks again for putting good information on the forum,



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  1. Prashant says:

    Thanks dear Ashal,

    What do I need to do to cut the moratorium period?

    One more query, during this moratorium period whatever amount I park in Maxgain OD account, it does not reduce my interest outgo. Am I right?

    If yes, if I reduce the moratorium period and park some cash in Maxgain account, will it reduce the interest outgo?


  2. Dear Prashant, there is no charge or fee for cutting down your Moratorium period. Regarding the fee in Maharashtra for Mortg. fee, I can not comment as I have no Idea.



  3. [email protected] says:

    Hi Anshal,

    Thanks for the reply,

    What is the procedure I need to follow to cut short the moratarium period? Does the bank charge me any charges for this? Will my EMI payment come down after reduction in moratarium period?

    I stay in Maharashtra; anyone has any idea regarding the charges? One person was available in bank informed me that the e registration process can be completed with 1400/-. Is it correct or do we need to pay more charges like for registration of home loan agreement I was needed to pay 30K.



  4. Dear Prashant, please use your loan amortization template in escel in your PC to pin point your exact EMI.

    yes you can opt to cut short your Moratorium period later on as per your cashflow position.

    Regarding the registration of Equitable Mortgage deed, it ‘ll depend upon the charges applicable in your state. So no Fix answer can be given here.



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