SBI Max Gain Query – Impact on EMI if I withdraw money

POSTED BY vaidy.kalpathy ON September 21, 2014 10:56 pm NO COMMENTS

I have a Max Gain account with SBI for a tenure of 20 years and Sanction Limit of Rs.15 lakhs. Currently, it shows the Available Balance as Rs.6 lakhs. In the last few years, I have been been parking my surplus funds in this account.

About an year ago, I got my EMI reduced due to financial constraints citing surplus funds parked in the account.

Now if I withdraw the available balance of Rs.6 lakhs, the Outstanding Balance will shoot up to the Drawing Power. The current EMI I am paying will be insufficient to even pay the interest component of the new Outstanding Amount.

Here are my questions. Post withdrawal:

1. Will my tenure automatically be 20 years from now?

2. Can I increase the EMI (online) myself calculating based on the new Outstanding balance and a tenure of 20 years from today?

Please advice.

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