SBI Account opening form rejected

POSTED BY rajan.panchal24 ON March 31, 2012 1:05 pm COMMENTS (6)

I visited SBI Bank, Branch Kothrud Depot, Pune on 31-3-2012 to open a saving bank account. I had a form duly filled and signed. when i approached the officer to verify my documents he rejected saying that I didnt had a local address proof. However, it is clearly written in the Identification details section of the Account opening form that “Passport ALONE where the address on the passport is same as that correspondence Address mentioned on the first page of this form”. I had written the same address as mentioned in my passport.
It is nowhere mentioned that you require a local address proof. I also presented this matter to the branch manager but even she didn’t responded satisfactorily.
Can anyone help me in this regard.

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  1. Anushka Bhushan Garse says:

    You can attach pan card copy to it

  2. Not all bank accept the company letter, but some do …

    Also some other Bank statement with same address will also be accepted !

  3. Dear Rajan, To fulfill KYC procedure, Bank official may demand a local address proof.



    1. says:

      But I cant provide rent agreement which I dont have. I can get a letter from my employer and can provide. will that suffice?

      1. Dear Rajan, an employer letter certifying your address ‘ll do the job.





    I also faced the same issue while opening the sbi account.

    you can better go by their procedure.

    Get one letter from ur employer / rental agreement.

    This is enough

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