revised return for AY11-12

POSTED BY gaurav sharma ON February 2, 2013 10:04 am COMMENTS (4)

i forgot to send itr-V for AY11-12(FY10-11) .

Now i noticed in itr-V that i filled wrong address where my cheque of refund will be send.

i filed online and on IT site as per new notice date for itr-V receipt of past three FY is incresed to 28feb13

What should i do now?

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  1. Dear Gaurav, thanks for the update.



  2. gaurav sharma says:

    just to update:
    1.i filed revised return succesfully, CA was wrong as i asked from cpc bangalore, as date was extended again as per cpc

    moral of story is –
    ask cpc
    if not satisfied
    again ask cpc another day

  3. gaurav sharma says:

    thank you for answering my query.

    yes i will opt for ecs.
    now my question is:
    1. I asked one CA and he told my to just send itr-V orignal ,no need to file revised return as cheque will be sent to address updated on IT site. but even i doubt this.

    2. Are revised return subjected to penalty in this my particular case.

  4. Dear Gaurav, first of all please file revised ITR for the AY you are referring to, with correct address. Now send both old & new ITR-V in a single envelop to CPC Banglore. Due to revised filing, the refund cheque ‘ll come to new address. By the way, why are you not opting for ECS credit of your refund?



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