Review for Reliance Super Money Back Plans

POSTED BY shahparin_99 ON August 8, 2014 8:58 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi Sir,

Recently I got a call from Reliance and they informed me about their Super Money Back Plan. Annual Premium is around 50000 and if I go for 20 years term then I have to pay premium for 10 years and then return will start . This will have in between return on 5,10 years also and then every year return plus sum assured of 200000 and maturity benefit also.

Would you please let me know whether I should invest in these or not ?



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  1. Karthik says:

    Short answer: No
    Long Answer:
    Complex Financial products having ‘Investments + Saving + Insurance + Moneyback’ are NOT made to give you better returns than the simple financial products
    (Investments – Mutual Funds (Equity based), Saving – Debt instruments, Insurance – term insurance plan), but to confuse you and get your money – convert as their ‘profit’ or ‘Commission’.

    1. shahparin_99 says:

      Thanks a lot Karthik

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