Restructuring the portfolio

POSTED BY Anurag Srivastava ON August 3, 2013 12:45 pm COMMENTS (3)

Hello All,


                   I have ongoing SIP’s in HDFC Equity and Quantam LT Equity .I am having negative returns so I am considering new funds .I am having a time frame of 3 years .Can you suggest some equity mutual funds that could provide decent returns in 3 years. I dont want to get negative returns .Can a debt fund provide returns upto 10% .if yes,please suggest some names

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  1. Debojyoti Das says:

    hello Anurag,
    I am also a newbie in the investment and what I could understand through my reading and research is Equity investment is for comparitively for long run and not for short-term. 03 yr should be the time-frame when we should look for SWP/STP to Liquid/Debt funds or completely redeem and put in FDs, where we have the liquidity of the amount invested and don’t loose out on the amount we gained for last 5-7-10 yrs through our equity investment. Basically to safe-guard ourselves from equity pitfalls. Look into the returns graph provided in Valueresearch or Moneycontrol for HDFC Equity and QLTEF for 3 yrs, it’s not much, however, if you see, for more than 7,10 yrs retun is more than 2 fold. I think FD will fetch more retuns than equity in 3 yrs pre-tax.
    My rule: Equity only if time-horizon is very long (probably more than 10yrs away). Units should be transferred to Debt/Liquid fund 3 yrs prior to goal to secure investment. I believe other experts can throw much light in these and point out if I am incorrect.
    best regards

  2. Yes ,Ashal I am pretty sure to be invested inEquity for three .Its just the returns that are worrying me . I dont want to be in negative or to be satisfied with returns of an RD .Can you suggest me .Thanks !!

  3. Dear Anurag, are you sure that you are investing rightly in Eq. for a 3Y time frame?



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