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I invested 51,000 in MIS & RD 500/- PM From Feb… 2011 please clear following Doubts?
1. What interest Rates applicable upon me on both schemes?
2. What is tenure of both schemes ?
3. Is increasing interest rates Fr.. DEC 11 & APRIL 12 applicable upon me ?
4. Is PPF A/C Increasing interest rates applicable upon me time To time as already opened last 12 years.. i.e. 8% to 8.6% & to 8.8%

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  1. Dear Brijeshagg, is it Feb 2011 or Feb 2012? Please confirm. For Feb. 2011, your rates are old ones. 8% for MIS & 7.5% for RD.

    MIS Tenure is 6Y where as RD tenure is 5Y but you have the option to extend it for 1 more year to receive the maturity of both accounts at the same time.

    No the increase in Interest rates from Dec 2011 is not applicable to you if you had invested before Dec 2011.

    Yes, you ‘ll get new ROI in your PPF account.



  2. Jeetu says:

    1) MIS – 8.50% p.a. ; RD – 8.40% ….Rs. 500/ month will grow to Rs. 36,931/-
    2) Tenure you should be knowing it, as you already started investing… For both its 5 years.
    3) From April 2012… Its not only for you… its for everybody… 🙂
    4) Yes. It is applicable to you too… Plz note that the decision of interest hike to 8.80% p.a. on PPF is applicable from FY 2012-2013 and it is applicable to all accounts, fresh account as well existing accounts.

    Hope it clears your doubt….

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