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POSTED BY anji r ON April 12, 2012 10:33 pm COMMENTS (12)

my choice for the SIP are

1) Franklin India Bluechip
2) HDFC Top 200
3) IDFC Premier Equity
4) DSPBR Top 100 Equity

1) is this options are good or need to change.

2) how to withdraw money MF SIP after completing the specified period . is there any process to withdraw if i donot want to continue thereafter??????????

3) i want to invest for a period of 10 years ,while withdrawing the money from mf say after 10 years of sip , what will be the tax on them. How is it taxed ?


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  1. Jig says:

    Kudos to you Ashal,
    Really it is very hard for family person to concentrate onhearing the others problems while he might himself very busy with his own families/responsibilities.
    Hates off man,

    keep it up your tempo


  2. Sachin Kumar Nigam says:

    @ ashal …….

    reg the locha isssue…….keep that other half ( If it is on negative side) to urself……THe projected self is so far so good for the masses……

    ppl who read this blog regularly must be aware bt ur intimidating approach…

    Keep the good work going…… i don feel there is a Heaven….but u arae on the way to earn enuf points to earn a seat in a higher dimension.:)

    Disclaimer: IAM NO PREACHER..:))

    1. Dear Sachin from one of the recent article of ‘JAGOINVESTOR’ where dear Manish announced that more than 10K answers already given in the forum. One line caught my attention.

      “Teaching if the best learning.”

      I’m following it with the core of my heart. Regarding heaven, no matter a seat is there for me or not, If I’m able to help even few people in this world I ‘ll die with peace in mind.



  3. Dear Anji, what are your other details? what about your debt part of portfolio? What was the selection parameter to opt these schemes? Some one advised or you researched for the same?

    Regarding SIP investments – You can withdraw any time. there may be an exit load for the investments if the holding period falls short of a cut off period. Regarding Taxation – No prediction can be made for 10Y down the line. As per current tax rules, if your holding period is more than 1Y, the gains if any from Eq. MFs are tax free.



    1. anji r says:


      debt part : PPF and and nsc.

      coming to the withdraw part do i need to sell them or after the term is completed based on the no of units and price at that time is calculated and credits to my account ??

      1. Sachin Kumar Nigam says:

        MF is reedemed not sold….the amount as per the current NAV is debited to ur acct automatically be it ECS or Demat linked accts.

        jst sell sample 2 units u will have a good idea for self… and 10 year SIP will not be taxable….but pls rem ur last SIP has to continue for 1 year…otherwise the shoort term gain will be taxable.

      2. Dear Anji, If you want to withdraw your money you w’d have to intimate the MF by filling the withdrawl form. Once your request is there, the money ‘ll be credited to you bank account in next few days.



        1. anji r says:

          hi ,

          50000 for both, life covered with term insurance 50 lks . will go for one more when lic online term policy which will be coming soon…

          As u said a form should be filled for withdraw is it available online or offline. ??????????

          from i can download them. if offline where and to whom i have to submit them.


          1. Dear Anji, the form is available both online & offline. You w’d have to submit it depending upon your own way of investing, if you are investing online, you can put redemption request online. If you are investing offline, you w’d have to put offline request either through the broker you are investing in or with the customer care office of MF or the registrar of that MF (CAMS or Karvy).



      3. Dear Anji, after 10Y, what do you intend to use this money for? Do you have any Gola linked to your time frame? On mly basis how much money you are investing right now in PPF & NSC.



        1. Sachin Kumar Nigam says:

          @ ashal i admire the passion u have ……selfless passion like that is rare …

          i know u r top commentor of this forum

          i have been observing ur approach like for 1 year…

          What chemicals dou u intake…:))….For not many actuallly know who u r.:))

          Hats off Boss!

          1. Dear Sachin, Thanks for the praising words. I’m merely learning for my own good. In the process if I’m able to help others it’s indeed a positive feeling. This positive feeling is the source of energy – May be there is come Chemical Locha in my mind. 🙂 🙂



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