regarding continue ppf account after 15 years

POSTED BY sanjeet kumar ON August 7, 2013 12:00 pm COMMENTS (3)


My question is — after 15 years if I extend my ppf account with no contribution for 5 years , after these 5 years can I contribute in my ppf account for next 5 years.

And after these 5 years (with contribution)  can i again continue without  contribution  as my convenience.

Please reply

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  1. Yogesh K says:

    One related question to the above one. Whether after completion of 15 years one can close PPF account and open new one after 1 month ?

  2. Dear Sanjeet, you need to apply in Form H, each time for extension of 5Y block period for the way you want to run your PPF. God or Bad choice, I leave it to you to decide. 🙂



  3. Yes is the answer to your question.

    Why bother with such bizarre notions. 15 years is a long period. At the end of the 15 year period ppf corpus may even become taxable due to the tax rules at that time!

    Please do not over plan an investment like this.

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