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I am e-filing the returns for the last 4 years. For AY 09-10, I got a letter from Income tax three months back that I need to pay extra some Rs. 30k odd. Upon comparing the letter they have sent , I am realised that My loss of income on house ( interest paid to home loan) is not shown properly and that made all the problem. So with that correction , I have tried to upload the revised returns for AY 09-10 , but its not accepting. So what shall I do, please advise.


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  1. Dear Ramkrishna, can you mail me your exl. sheet of ITR-2 form? I want to check the revised return prepared by you.



  2. Dear Ram krishna, May I know how are you trying to upload the revised return? & what message are you receiving while trying to upload the revised return.

    Had you tried to contact call center no. of CPC? You may contact local income tax PRO also.



    1. Sri Ramakrishna says:

      Dear Ashal, I have downloaded the respective ITR-2 , filled and tried to upload. I got the message that there was overdue for submitting the return for AY09-10. There is some procedure of “Rectification u/s 154 ” for which I am not sure of. Thought that I may get some knowledge about this also in this forum. Its OK.

      I am not on land to contact them, definitely I will try to contact once I can.



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