Recommend Short Term Debt Mutual Fund

POSTED BY Nikhil Parchure ON December 18, 2010 1:04 pm COMMENTS (3)

Need recommendations for Short Term Debt mutual funds to invest in for parking funds before moving gradually into equity based fund

Parameters :

1) View : 3 – 12 months ( Will switch to equity funds gradually )

2) Low Exit Load 

3) Average to high returns based on Short Term debt Category

4) Switch possible with same AMC


Please suggest possible with reasons as to why are you recommending it. Thanks in advance



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    1. Nikhil Parchure says:

      Thanks Ramesh,

      Wow thanks for this .. also you said there have been discussion around taxation part of liquid and short term funds. Can you point me to those details as well ?

      Nikhil Parchure

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