Real Estate Service Tax abatement budget 2013

POSTED BY Samrat sarkar ON March 5, 2013 9:04 am COMMENTS (3)

 Hi, We are selling our individual 30 year old house (approx 2200 carpet area) at a price greater than 1 crore. 

  • Does this Budget 2013 Service Tax abatement affects us ? (or is it only for builders-new flats)
  • If yes then how many days we have to avoid this special Tax ? (Effective date)



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  1. Dear Ashish, that 1% TDS thing is already answered to dear Samrat in one of his another post as well as personal mail. 🙂



  2. Dear Samrat, the service tax is not applicable to you as you are selling your own single property. It’s applicable to builders & developers only.



    1. Ashish says:

      Dear Ashal,

      I think Mr. Samrat Sarkar is confused on the 1% TDS levied on the property sale above 50Lakh. His 1st article links point to that and res is about service tax default.


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