Question on ICICI Prudential systematic retirement solution



I got confused by an agent from icici agent, he is claiming that mutual fund investing is good only for 2 years because of large cap company fund involved. i mean if large cap company for example infosys wants to invest in other fund from current top 5 equity diversified star fund, then that fund NAV will get affected of that fund it seems. so thats why you have top 5 fund of last year is doing bad this year it seems. how much of it is correct.

He is also asking me to take icici prudential systematic retirement solution which is much better than investing and re-balancing your portfolio in mutual funds by taking a investment tenure of 25 years.My time horizon is 25 years, and am currently investing in equity diversified mutual funds, please can anybody help as  i do not want to invest in ULIP policies, which i dont have a capability to manage. can you guide also by taking above solution is it beneficial than investing through sip for that tenure in equity mutual funds.

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Siva, the agent is confusing you. If Infosys from your example can impact the MFs’ NAV, can it not impact the ULIP fund (ULIP funds are also investing in the same set of stocks)? As simple as that.

    That agent is making fool of you to sell his policy. Please do not listen to him.



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