Query regarding health insurance policy in loan with HDFC

POSTED BY lucas_arrogant ON December 9, 2014 6:34 pm COMMENTS (2)

Hi ! I’m SAMAR

my cousin had taken a loan from HDFC.

now after few months they have sent a health policy of HDFC ERGO saying you have to & sent a 8700 premium health suraksha product for three years , Their agent claimed to include his parents in this but initially they received health card for 1 person that is the proposer .

I ask is it mandatory to take health product when loan is there?

can they avoid this situation ?

Did agent do wrong to not keep his word ?

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  1. MahavirChopra says:

    These are rogues. No one can force you to buy anything.

    Ask for a refund, if you have paid.
    Just make a written complaint on IGMS and HDFCErgo portal.

    Mahavir from Coverfox.com

  2. sharath Mumbai says:

    Its not at all mandatory to take health insurance if you have taken loan.
    The agent is playing here.
    While filling the form, did you mention the members who would be part of the policy?
    If yes, then all of them should be included in the policy. Or may be it could be the case that proposer has the card and other 2 are mentioned as the dependents.
    I am sure they should have an online portal, please try to create a login id and check the policy details there and verify if they are same as what you were promised.
    If the details seem wrong, you can anyways cancel the policy in its cooling off period (look out period)

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