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I have taken BSL Dream plan in Nov 2009 with yearly premium of 7200 it has insurance of 10,50,200 with a coverage period of 20 years.I have paid up Rs 96950 till now but its current value is only 75,803.59. I am currently paying with a monthly premium of 6000.  
I have following queries
  • Should i stay invested in this plan and continue like this. Whan I can see some good gain if I continue
  • I am looking for a agressive investement option with high return. I would like to take first opportunity to withdraw the amount when i get the money equal to what i invested and put in high yeild option. This is the only bad investment I did in my life. 
  • When is the right time to close this fund. 
  • What happens if the fund contunie to perform bad, will Birla Sun Life close this fund and return the money. If so then which money will be return, will it be market value as on date ?
  • Any other options available
I have also noticed a similar blog in this site on the same plan, I look similar advice/feedback with regard to my fund. link below 

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  1. Investor says:

    I am aged 30 yrs now…and with advise of my insurance agent , I TOOK BIRLA SL Dream plan with guaranteed maturity benefit (enhancer option) , where i am paying 18027/- per year premium and my cover is 5 lacs only.

    I was told by my insurance agent is….i just have to pay 10 yrs only though term is 25 yrs ….coz from 11th year, premium will be paid from the corpus only……..so its just a kind of short term dealing….then rest will be taken care of.

    I never got any commission on my first premium too.

    Should i continue this plan? I started from 2008 march…… in addition I have Few LIC policys (Sum ins. 11.5 lacs and premium of 44000 around) , Pure term ins of 60 lacs in HDFC click2protect…..

    Kindly advice me what to do with this plan???

    should i continue or not prefered to continue…. I invest in PPF too to complete my 80 c limit.

  2. Rahul Banerjee says:

    @ ashal jauhari

    Yes, my mistake it should be 72000.

    Thanks for the advice and input. I want to get out of this as soon as possible. Do you think it is a bad idea at all pulling out the money and investing it into some other ELSS – Growth fund…like HDFC, SBI or Franklin is a bad idea. At least i can see a better growth there.

    Also what is the best option now for future investment..like child education related expences

    1. Dominic Prakash says:


      I can confirm your statement that this plan is a blood sucking plan. I did the same mistake sometime in 2007 (them I was financial illiterate). Its almost 4 years and as of today my returns are less than 1% (just one percent). I selected the fund with maximum equity exposure (I think its Enhancer) and couple of days back when the market was at 19600 I moved all my funds into “Protector” and yesterday I submitted a surrender form.

  3. ashal jauhari says:

    Dear Rahul, Am I missing something in your query? Yly prem. is 7200 Rs. where as you are paying mly prem. 6K Rs., How? or is it 6K *12months = 72000 Rs.?

    The Birla Dream Plan is not for aggressive Growth. As the max. Eq. exposure is limited to just 35% & that too in it’s enhancer fund option.

    For continuous under performance of the fund, Birla, “ll provide minimum gtd. return of 3%.

    In my view, Paying 72K Rs. yly & getting insured for just 10.5L Rs. is a crime for your family. As you are paying 72K yly prem. it indicates that you are earning quite a decent income & I don’t see the 10.5L Rs. sum assured is enough for your family in your absence.

    First of all, Please purchase adequate Term plan for yourself. Based upon your income level, current living standard as well as financial liabilities (home, car, personal loans & future expenses like children education & career planning).

    Then only think to dump this plan.



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