Quantum Equity Long Term Fund

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I have invested 25K on the Quantum Equity Long Term as an long term investement.

I started this a month back and since then the NAV has dropped due to the market going down.So does this mean i should keep adding more towards this funds since the NAV is below that value that i had earlier got?Should i follow this approach?

Also is this a good fund for long term (5 to 10+ yrs) to start an SIP to Rs.5000 every month?

Also i wanted to add 2 more funds in my portfolio

Equity – Diversified Funds (Any one of these)

Reliance Equity Opportunities-G 

Birla SL Frontline Equity -A (G)

ICICI Pru Dynamic Plan (G)

Large Caps

ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund (G)

Mid Cap – Unsure yet

How are these choices for investments?









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  1. Dear Gaurav, QLTEF is a multicap fund that’s why I sugested a large cap fund Fr’n BCF to get your portfolio in order. why do you want to invest in midcap funds? any reason for that? Please elaborate. If a kick in return is your answer, OK but do remeber, that kick ‘ll bring the high risk also. Are you ready for that high risk?



  2. Dear Gaurav, do you want to invest those 25K only or do you want to invest regularly? if you want to invest regularly & that too for long term of 10 years, NAVs should not bother you. Regarding adding more funds, please invest in Franklin India Bluechip fund.

    As of now these 2 funds are enough for you.



    1. Gaurav says:

      @Ashal Jauhari – I have just started investing in MF and will continue investing regularly.Quantum Equity Long Term was my first Fund that i have invested in.

      I will look into the Franklin India Bluechip fund,but just wanted to know any particular reason for suggesting this find? Any other suggestions on the MidCap funds? Is ICICI Pru Discovery good enough as suggested by FFC?

  3. Ignore the NAV and invest systematically via the SIP route. This is a good fund and can provide good returns over the long term. Monitor it at periodically and not too often.

    Quantum is a large and mid-cap fund. So for a long term goal you could add another large cap like
    ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity Fund (G) or Frankin India Blue chip

    In the small and mid cap section you could choose ICICI Pru Discovery or IDFC premier equity.
    SBI emerging business is also good but has high expense ratio. Limit exposure to these funds as they are risky.

    1. Gaurav says:

      @Free Financial Calculators – Thanks for your quick reply and suggestions.

      I was looking at the NAV just because I wanted to know the strategy that i should be following for investing more and when.Since the NAV was lesser than the time when i invested,was curious to know if that was the right time to invest more into this fund?

      Note – I still not have started SIP’s and i invest as and when i have some money lying idle or say weekly by looking at the NAV’s.

      Let me know if this strategy is OK to follow or is weekly SIP the best way (i.e investing 5000 per month,dividing the 5000 weekly)

      1. Discipline is the key. If you can invest each week by monitoring NAV and invest when it is low go ahead. My point is no need to go into this trouble. Just invest every monday or 1st of each month and over the long run both methods should give nearly similar returns

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