Quantum AMC and Direct funds

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Two puzzling observations:

1. Value research lists a regualr plan and a direct a plan for funds from Quantum. Wonder why?

2. Was surprised to a see a broker option while purchasing from their website. Why this option when they are the only ‘direct to investor AMC’?

Any thoughts?




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  1. Dear FFC, as per below link, there is no separate Direct plan from Quantum.


    Only VROL people can answer this strange thing.



  2. bharat shah says:

    indeed needful discussion , information and notification for quantum mf investors like me. thank you.

  3. Thanks. I am aware of their notification. I think Value Research is wrong to have two sets of Quantum MFs listed

  4. 1.There is one single plan & they don’t offer any direct plan.
    One can also view their notification:


    2.They have also distributors empanelled but don’t receive any brokerage..It was expected to collect upfront brokerage from investors directly.

  5. Ramesh says:

    1. Because they have to comply with the SEBI guidelines of providing -Direct plan. Even though, I would assume, there will be zero differences down to 4 decimal places in the NAVs of both the options, since I am not able to see it directly in the NAV listing.

    2. Broker can always be there, even though there will be no Trail Commission. Even Fundsindia provides access to them, and then as per SEBI guidelines, fundsindia code will be there in the form. So, these are just academic exercises and have to be followed as per regulator.

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