Q: where to invest of surplus amount?

POSTED BY Irshad ON February 16, 2011 2:37 pm COMMENTS (2)


I have surplus amount (3 Lks) which is lying in my savings account and i do not need it for 1 year. What is best option to put this money for good returns with minimal risk.  I already have monthly SIP in equity MF and emergency fund.

I am 33 yrs and come under higher tax bracket.


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  1. rakesh says:

    Now a days banks are offering 9 – 9.5 % interest on F.D. for over 1 year. You can consider this option or invest in MF Monthly Income Plan.


  2. Rajesh says:

    Hi Irshad

    Since you are very clear that you need your money after a year, one of the best options to explore (in conjunction with your statement that you are in a high tax bracket) is the Fixed Maturity Plans provided by mutual funds. Here is an article that can help you with understanding more about FMPs http://bit.ly/i9KNHl

    Now to address the more important question of relating the current market situation and why would FMPs be meaningful, you can read more here http://bit.ly/dXDyIy

    Happy informed investing!

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