PSU or private bank

POSTED BY Anuj Kapila ON July 4, 2013 10:24 pm COMMENTS (2)

hi all,

I would be getting about 70 lacs from govt as retirement package. I want to know if its safe to put it in FD at private bank such as AXIS, YES, HDFC etc or is it safer to put it in PSU bank.



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  1. If I were at your place (I assume I am over 60 yrs) . I would split it at few places like

    1. 30 lacs at Senior citizen saving scheme
    2. 20 lacs in FD at PSU bank
    3. 20 lacs in Pvt

    The preferance would be on higher interest .

  2. Venkatesh Jambulingam says:

    I would suggest you to go with the bank that gives better interest rates on the deposit. It would also be easier for you if go with a bank in which you already have a relationship.

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