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Dear Manish,

We are christians.

My uncle was a govt. servant and got a house constructed through group housing by taking loan from LIC. The house in hyderabad was registered in his wife’s name since beginning in 1995. She died accidently leaving no will. She is survived by her husband and two major sons. All  of them are living in the same house. Now they want to change the ownership to uncle and two sons. Sons have no objection in property transfer in father’s name.

Please advise as to the procedure to be followed for transfer of this property to my uncle’s name. Also pl advise if it is necessary to obtain legal heir certificate and if so what is the procedure and how long does it take.

Thanking you and with regards,

Narsingam Rao




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  1. Dear Narsingam, Please contact an Advocate in your city to do needful legal work.



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