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In India-Kolkata is there any good Professional Property Management company.
We are looking for similar services as mentioned below.
NRIs are looking for good Property management companies.

A minimum of one detailed Inspection Visit each month comprising the following:

Detailed visual inspection of the exterior, for any obvious defects.

Detailed visual inspection of the interior noting the general and specific state of the décor, checking for wear and tear.

Complete airing all the rooms properly if non occupied

Check for termites, pests and vermin and recommend remedial action.

Testing of all home appliances and other equipment to make sure they are in good working order.

Examining all furniture, fixings and furnishings

Checking all electric, plumbing and sanitary equipment.

Ensuring security measures are in place

Generating Dilapidations Report detailing any problems or recommendations regarding your property (complete with photographs where necessary)

Acting as your official representative, securely storing all your keys if required.

Arrange and supervise maintenance work if required. And as directed by you.

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  1. Samrat sarkar says:

    Thanks Ashal . I really appreciate your response. In future if came across some more names of property Management companies, let me know.

    1. Dear Samrat, please feel free to ask in future also as & when you feel so.



  2. Dear Samrat, please contact portals like magicbricks, 99acres, or some big names like knight frank or JLLM.



    1. Samrat sarkar says:

      Hi Ashal. Thanks for your reply. Are you saying : “magicbricks, 99acres, knight frank, JLLM ” do property management work” or I need to search in their websites ? Is there any big India Property Management company serving big metros ?
      Again Thanks.

      1. Dear Samrat, I said please contact there. Knight Frank & JLLM are in the business of property management already.



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