Problem with under construction apartment

POSTED BY Ela Selvaraj ON April 16, 2013 11:20 pm COMMENTS (3)

Dear Sir,

I am Ela Selvaraj (NRI), bought an new apartment in chennai for 77 lakhs. Paid 10 L from hand & 61 L via axis bank loan. Pending 6 L will be paid at handover. Earlier builder told me that an apartment handover is in last week of April but today he is saying that he is waiting for an approval to get electricity and water. Only after that he will hand over the key it seems and he too told me that it will take another 2 months from now. I am really confused 🙁 My parents have visited the apartment and said its already completed. I don’t know why the builder is telling this issue at this time. I also wonder whether its all the builders will get approval for water and electricity at the end of construction? I don’t know how they used the water and electricity while construction.

We planned to do a house warming in may 1st week and I’m going to India next week for that. I would really appreciate if you could help me to whom to contact if there is any issue with CMDA approval or some other issues related to this construction. I have already checked the CMDA approval and all the other stuffs but confused about this issue.

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  1. Dear Ela, We all know how the red tape works in India. Should I comment any more on this 30day deadline? There may be a situation that your apartment is ready in all aspect but some other may not be ready to file water & Elect. connection.



  2. Ela Selvaraj says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Thanks for your reply. I able to understand your point but why is that builder asking 2 to 3 months of time to get water & electricity. I went through the electricity and water board website and the maximum day of get this both connection is 30 days.

  3. Dear Ela, if only house warming is what you required & not the actual possession for self consumption, you may request your builder to allow the same & he ‘ll oblige you. Regarding this Electricity & Water supply issue, I think he is right. For construction period, builder gets temp. connection in the name of either developer company or an individual (builder himself). Now once the building is complete, the Elect. & Water connection is required in the name of each apartment owner. Hope you are able to understand it.



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