PPF transfer to ICICI from post office

POSTED BY Dev ON June 4, 2013 2:49 pm ONE COMMENT

Last saturday i vist the post office to transfer my PPF account to ICICI bank. But post office people told me that , i have to visit the ICICI bank and inform about the transfer and get the form to be filled by ICICI bank and some KYC doc also need to be completed by me with ICICI.

After that only i can give the application to Post office for initiate my transfer to ICICI. 

I really no idea, where to start the process now. and one more thing in my ICICIC bank branch doesnt not have PPF facility ,for that i have to go to another branch.

Some one already experienced this process, can you please shed light on the process of transfer.

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  1. Dear Dev, please read past discussions. This matter is discussed already many a times.



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