Why is Plot Loan only on registered value which is govt rates ?

POSTED BY pgtatar ON January 25, 2015 6:02 pm NO COMMENTS

Dear Sir,

I want to purchase a residential plot on loan (20-25 lakhs) I have Rs. 5 lakhs. Any bank will provide 60-85% of total value mentioned on the REGISTRY.

The problem is, all the registrations are done at Govt Land rates which are very low compared to market rates. This is done to

1. save stamp duty & registration charges &

2. To avoid capital gain tax by seller.

I have talked to several plot owners, however, no one is ready to mention the actual rates of purchase on registry, even if, it is customary that I will pay the registration & stamp duty.

I need your expert advice to solve this. I also looked for a option for P+C loan, still, the problem comes that, actual value & registration value.

Please Help, Help…..

Awaiting your Response….Prakash.

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