Please help me to choose a right mutual fund.

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My name is Saurabh Singhal i am working in MNC company and my age is 23 yrs. My Monthly hand on salary is 20000. I had already invested (1000rs) in UTI mutual fund (UTI Oppurtinities Fund-Growth Plan). Also I have taken a LIC (Jeevan Anand Plan) of 3 lacs. I have also a term insurance of Rs 20 lacs. My current saving in bank is approximately 50,000. I am also investing regulary Rs 1000 in my PPF account.

Now from onwards, i want to invest 2000 Rs as a sip for a long period. Could you please help me find a suitable fund for me. My personal choices are:

SBI Emerging

ICICI Discovery

HDFC Prudence Growth

Please suggest.






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  1. Karthik says:

    among the three, go for ICICI Pru Discovery.

  2. Dear Saurabh, do you really need term cover at this age? Why are you investing on mly basis into PF & not lump sum say 10 or 15K?

    Please clarify.



  3. The first question to ask yourself is:

    Why are you investing?
    When do you need the money?
    What are your return expectations.

    MF choices is secondary.

    Because: For period of 10 years above, ANY large cap fund has given returns well above average inflation. Which is the central reason for investing in equities.

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