Please advice regarding my MF portfolio selection

POSTED BY Adithya ON March 18, 2012 2:24 pm COMMENTS (4)


I am planning to create my balanced well diversified Mutual fund portfolio. After researching for some days, i found these funds for regular lump-sum investments :

1) For Large Cap => DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity
2) Large And Mid => HDFC Top 200
3) Mid And Small => IDFC Premier Equity Plan A-G

I am planning to do a SIP of 1000 rs per month in Tata Equity PE-G since it is the mixture of mid,large and small cap.

Please advice whether i am doing it in right way and whether this portfolio is suited for long term(3+ year horizon)

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  1. Dear Adithya, you may invest in Quantum Long Term Eq. fund for that multi cap exposure in place of Tata Eq. PE fund. all other 3 funds are good. Please invest both way lump sum as well as SIP/STP.

    By the way as you do have lump sum money, my take ‘ll be to opt Debt fund – STP – Eq. fund route to invest your money to invest in all the funds.



  2. Adithya,

    IDFC Premier and equity fund will take care of your mid and small. Top 200 fund is one of the best equity MF.when you go for equity diversifed fund the fund manager is free to invest in stocks that he thinks would give better returns.

    Just a word of caution. Dont invest into thematic or Sectoral funds.

  3. Adithya says:

    Thanks for the reply 🙂
    Even i am thinking lump sum at first and then regular SIP for 3 funds

    Regarding Tata Equity PE-G , i thought this MF is very different and its the blend of all large, mid and small caps in a good proportion . Can you please suggest any MF which is the blend of all large,mid and small cap in equal proportion . i would invest in Tax saving MF at later point separately.

  4. Adithya,

    Your Fund selection for lumpsum are very good. The only change i would have done is, instead of going for lumpsum i would prefer to go the SIP way. In case market crashes invest in lumpsum in the same funds.

    Tata Equity. P.E fund. I would avoid this. Instead of this fund, i would have included ELSS fund HDFC Tax Saver or Can Robeco. (ELSS is suggested assuming that you invest money to save tax).

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