Please advice about aviva term insurance

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I would like to buy Avia life Term insurance(35 years) & Aviva health insurance(35 years) .

Could you please let me know whether Aviva company is good or not? and how about claim success rate?

Please help me. i am new in this area.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Dear Sreeram, please check the prem. for I-Life policy of Aviva, where the prem. is not returned & now compare this prem. with the one you are offered under I shield. prem. returned plans are not good for your financial health. Do you demand return of prem. from your vehicle insurance policy? Insurance prem. is an expense be it for your life, health or other things (home, car….). So treat it that way only & do not try to get return from this expense. The insurer ‘ll do nothing to return your money, it ‘ll simply add the prem. & after paying a higher than normal prem. you ‘ll receive the same after X years. Please do understand what ‘ll be the value of this returned prem. if you are investing the difference on your own?



  2. sreeram says:

    FFC-Pattu Sir

    I have selected Aviiva iShield, they say the max age is 65 and if we survive after 65 the premiums paid by us s returned…
    Have I understood correctly, is the option there with them?


    1. I don’t think Ishield has this option. If it does you should not take it!

      return of premium plans are expensive and a bad expense.

      Choose the pure term insurance which is cheaper and where you get nothing on maturity.

      Invest the difference in premium and get higher returns.

  3. Claim success depends on how truthfully you fill in the form and not on the company per se.
    In principle it doesnt matter whom you get your life insurance from. One usually gets from a company one is personally comfortable with. This judgement may or not be scientific it a matter of personal comfort most often.

    Health insurance depends features, sub-limits and other clauses. Again honesty while filling up a form matters.Health is a personal thing and one must buy wrt features and not wrt user feedback. User who has never claimed cant say product is good! user who claims and gets rejected due his personal situation cant claim product is bad!

    Features, honesty, following rules during a hospitalization are crucial for health insurance.

    Compare using a portal such policy bazaar and make a decision.

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