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I have initiated PF transfer process from first company(Exempted) to second company(un Exempted).
But I left the second company exactly after 6 months. Now, the issue is I behind the second company about the status of PF amount from first company to second company.
The first company exempted organization and confirmed me that cheque was sent to second amount company, also amount got debited. But second company is not responding on status properly.
Now, I am third company and initiated for PF transfer. I dont see any accumulated amount of first and second company.
Can someone please advice on it? How to proceed?

-VInodh Kumar

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  1. Dear Vinod, only the ex-employer i.e. 2nd co. can help. You may check from 1st co. for the debit of transferred amount from it’s PF account (I mean bank statement).



  2. BanyanFA says:

    Hi Vinodh,
    Could you please clarify that in both first & second company, your PF amount was held with EPF (Employees Provident Fund) ? If it was EPF, then you must raise a RTI with the EPF authority to get details as to what is the status of your PF transfer.


    1. Vinodh Kumar says:

      1st company was exempted one. So its not with EPF office.

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