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Many of us would know that nowadays in all the metro cities, many builders charge a lumpsum amount for allotting a parking space in the building while buying a new home.
if a person does not want to buy such a space then he/she is restricted for parking the vehicle under the building premises. So I wanted to have clarification on few things in this matter-
1) Whether this is legal? (There are flat owners in my building who have taken such parking spaces & not received any formal receipt for that)
2) if yes is there any legal rule mentioned anywhere? If not then why no builder is punished for such wrong doing. As far as i know this policy is in place for last 2/3 years.
3) Can we go in the consumer court against such policy?
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  1. Sangram

    Which city are you talking about and are you talking about “open” parking . I mean uncovered one;s with open sky above them ? because as per supreme court , Builders can not do that , its illegal . that allotment can only be done by the society . The builder asking money for it at the time of booking is just illegal . Read this

    1. sangram says:

      Hi Manish,
      I am talking about Thane city & yes the builder had sold the open parking, the space between compound wall and building entrance with open sky above. He has sold it all the open parking space like that.

      1. Dear Sangram, please read the article shared by dear Manish & decide yourself that are you ready to fight with your builder for such illegal practices?



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