Paid money in Cash and Cheque to close my ABN Amro Credit Card

POSTED BY mohanavel ON July 2, 2014 5:31 pm COMMENTS (4)

I used an add on abn amro credit card for which my father was the parent card holder. as my father retired he decided to close the card and approached the bank. the bank redirected us to a collection agency and a guy from the agency came to our home and talked to us about settlement and told us that there is no need pay the full amount and a partial amount can be paid for closing. so for an amount of 1,09,000 the asked us to pay 60,000 in which they asked us to pay 45,000 in cheque and 15,000 in cash.

We agreed and readily paid.After that they didn’t ask any money and didnt send any document. This happened in 2006. Now a guy who claims to be from kotak mahindra bank and phoenix arc insists to settle 20,000 for the remaining 59,000. we are very much confused whether to pay or not and if we need to pay to whom should i contact as the abn amro bank is closed and no branches or customer care exists

Now in my CIBIL it shows that card as not closed and shows an outstanding of 59125. Now we are ready to pay the amount and get cleared in CIBIL as well. Help us how to proceed on this.

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  1. mohanavel says:

    thank you… but to whom we have to to pay? in the last cibil record it showed RBS in the member name and now its showing Pheonix ARC. so is it correct to pay in the form of DD addressed to Pheonix ARC?

  2. Ashish Garg says:

    Suggest you pay the dues and take proper receipt against the amount paid. Also take the No Dues letter (NoC) from credit card issuing bank, for future. This NoC would come handy while clarifying your stand against the negative remarks stated in CIBIL.

    Ashish Garg

  3. mohanavel says:

    we are told that abn amro bank is taken over by Royal bank of Scotland which has sold some of its share to Pheonix Arc who has tie up with Kotak Mahindra. So are very much confused to whom we have to pay

  4. Hemanth Chandra says:

    Does ABN AMRO bank is taken over by kotak mahindra ?

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