Oriental Happy Family v/s Max Bupa Heart Beat

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  1. Gaurav Doshi says:

    Hi Ashal,

    One more question.

    Can the proposer of my health insurance plan be my wife?
    And in case she is proposer than would still i will be able to get the tax benifit under 80D?


  2. Gaurav Doshi says:

    Thanks Ashal, surely will check with Medimanage.
    Age of my father is 53 and mother is 51.
    As per my enquiry:

    Oriental – the value of premium in floater depends on the age of proposer of the policy and not on my fathers age.

    Max – the premium is based on my fathers age for floater.

    What I see as in advantage is when there is floater of let’s say 6 lac then in normal circumstances any one can use that money and consume it.

    But incase of individual policies it would te little expensive to take 6 for each and if I split it in 3 my family + 3 father + 3 mother then when the caping comes then eg normal room is rent 1% I can get 3000 per day but in floater of 6lac it can be 6000 per day..

    My thoughts.. but also will take advice on the same from medimanage team.


  3. Dear Gaurav, as you want to insure your parents, my take ‘ll be to opt for 1 family floater for you & 2 individual policies for your parents. Due to the higher age of your parents, the combined prem. for the family floater ‘ll be very high.

    If you are comfortable with Oriental Happy Family Floater, please opt it with my way (for possibility please check with medimanage).

    if this is not possible in OHFF, please opt max.



  4. Gaurav Doshi says:

    Dear Ashal,

    I look forward to purchase a floater plan for my family self, wife, daughter and parents of approx 6L. I have explored only 2 options max bupa and oriental.
    On maximum of the features Oriental is better than Max.
    I quite like the oriental one. But the key points are:

    Oriental: Along with 30 days regular waiting period of first 30 days they also do not cover 23 illness from a range of 1yr – 4 yrs (as per their policy wording of Happy Family Floater.
    Also medimange says that for 6 people you are not allowed to purchase 6l coverage you have to go for 7l for this particular gold plan. Though the gold plan starts from 6l.

    Max – the challenge is the representative I met in person suggests to purchase 2 policies seperately instead of one complete floater as the premium for combined will be hight.

    Ideally I am kind of okay with Oriental but is the clause of not covering few ilnesses 1-4yrs is justified and okay as when I am planning specially to cover my parents.


  5. Dear Gaurav, you may create the table in your google drive & may provide the link here. What’s the query by the way?



  6. Gaurav Doshi says:

    Guess some issue, tried multiple time since yesterday but not able to post my question and the table I have made as comparison.

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