Oriental Happy Family Gold and medimanage and RAKSHA tpa

POSTED BY Abhi C ON March 11, 2012 11:03 pm ONE COMMENT

In oriental floater,there is continuous renewal only till 65 for the proposer..after that he is given an individual policy right??
in such a case the individual policy given will have a huge premium at tht age plus any claim history if present..dont u thnk such a high premium may or may not be affordable during retirement??
isnt this a huge MINUS for oriental which i was suggested by medimanage??

medimanage only offers RAKSHA as the TPA and iv heard sum not so good reviews about RAKSHA tht they donot entertain even a genuine claim if the docs are not submitted within 7days which is as per the policy wordings..but cant they extend 1-2 days on humanatarian grounds??
plus they also dont have a large network as compared to other tpas in my city..Y DONT UAL AT MEDIMANAGE deal with some of the other credible TPAs out there..do u have any partnership with RAKSHA tpa??

can I change the TPA in future if im not happy with RAKSHA??
in tht case will medimanage still continue to service my policy??

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  1. Dear Abhi C, why are you not raising these issues with Medimanage itself? If you are not happy with Oriental policy, please purchase another one from a different insurer.



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