Oriental Happy Family Floater

POSTED BY Paresh Patel ON July 16, 2012 7:59 pm ONE COMMENT

Dear Sir,
I am thankful to all of you for providing free financial solution to all of us.
dear sir, i am having query regarding health insurance. my friend suggested me Orient Happy Family Floater. Please help me in choosing this policy.

Details of my Family:
My Self : 28 Years
Wife:26 Years
Child: 2 Years
Father:57 Years
Mother:55 Years
No medical history till date.
Having employee mediclaim policy provided by employer for SA 300000 for entire family.

My Query are as below,
1. How is claim settlement ration of orient?
2. What is ideal SA? (considering medical history)
3. Should i choose take two policy like my self with parents and my self with wife and child?
4.Any other good insurance company ?
5. Any hidden condition of this scheme?
6.Is this good scheme?

Sorry for this much quiz but please forgive me sir and solve my query.

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  1. Dear Paresh, please opt for acfamily floater policy for you, wife & child of 2L Rs. at present. Another policy for your parents of 3L each where you ‘ll be proposer only & the coverage ‘ll be for each parent.



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