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I have gone through ICICI Pru I care and found it is not available to NRI.
Once the product is non medico , why company is not offering the same to NRIs?
What is the best term plan for NRIs? Any online term plan is exist which can be taken by NRIs?


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  1. Jig says:

    Ashal ,
    I just checked on site after reading reply from CJ. I have gone through that link but then i checked the aviva site. following are the notes under 2Process to buy” heading.

    •This product is available to Resident Indians only.
    •All quotes are in Indian Rupees (INR) and are accepted only in INR.
    •Premium rates are subject to reduction or increase basis your Profile and health status.
    •If a cancellation is requested before the issuance of the policy, the Company shall refund the application money after deduction of the expenses incurred on medical examination, if applicable.
    •If a cancellation is requested post the issuance of the policy, the Company shall refund the premium amount after deduction of the expenses incurred on medical examination and/or stamp duty, as applicable.
    •Documents required for policy processing include
    •Photo Identity Proof (copy of your PAN Card, Passport or Driving License)
    •Income Proof (copy of last 3 months salary slip, copy of latest ITR or Form 16)

    These document images can be e-mailed or uploaded on our website for faster processing

    It is very clearly written that this product is only for Residents and who is this policy bazaar guy with full of knowledge who is quoting against the Aviva Life Site Declaration: this is completely misguiding the people on reputed policy site.

    What you say?



    1. Dear Jig, please check with Aviva itself.



  2. Jig says:

    Excellent CJ. As i am already having Aviva Lifeshield, I may now add iLife in my Insurance coverage.
    Is it advisable to have two plans from the same company? one online & other offline?

    1. Dear Jig, you may have any no. of plans from same insurer if you are comfortable with the insurer.



    2. CJ says:

      Well Jig there is no big deal in taking 2 policies from a same insurers.
      And a combination of both online and offline term plan is always advisable by experts. I think even manish would recommend you to mix both online and offline plans.

  3. CJ says:

    I just came across Policy Bazaar that Aviva i-Life can be procured by NRI”s.. Do check this link out –

  4. Dear Jig, this question only Icici prulife people can answer.



  5. Jig says:

    Ok Ashal.
    Well in such condition my question is not answered yet. If I care dont require medical check up, why it is not offered to NRIs same like Residents?

  6. Dear Jig, Please read my reply again. What I mean was – except I-Care, all other online term covers demand a compulsory medico test. In case of I-Care, even here is a medico test but for Term cover of 1.5C & above.



  7. Jig says:

    Are you sure I care require medical requirement? as on the site they are declaring its a non medico. we have to only provide some medical history or info.. but that is open for only Resident indian , not or NRIs.


  8. Dear Jig all online plans but I-care of IPru requires medico test. That’s why no online policy is available to you. Please check with respective insurer for offline plans or try to purchase one when you are visiting in India.



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