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please tell me how many saving a/c one can have irrespective of necessity of having them? is there any restriction for having many a/c?

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  1. Dear Sonu, you mean to say, keeping 1000 SB accts or even more & each acct. having max. ATM withdraw limit amount only, just for the sake of your emergency need. Am I rightly understanding your reply? please confirm.



  2. BanyanFA says:

    I believe recently the banks are not opening more than one saving accounts in name of a same person. However, nothing stops you to open another saving account in a seperate bank.

  3. Dear Sonu, you can open Nth nos. of SB account as per your choice. there is no such limit. May I know why this question put up by you? any reason behind it?



    1. sonu kumar says:

      DEAR ASHAL, thank u for ur reply..i think keeping few tens of thousands(sb a/c) in different banks with variable interest rates(in pvt.) also having variant min. balance criteria make some advantage during little emergency, where u easily withdraw whole amount keeping the balance null and zero worry about taking loan on rd/fd…..thanks!

  4. Sohil says:

    Asking of same bank branch than one single saving, and many joint with different set of partners.
    In other banks you can follow same strategy.

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