Normal Home Loan to SBI max gain?

POSTED BY ankit Gupta ON February 13, 2013 6:37 pm COMMENTS (21)

I have recently switched my loan from HDFC to SBI. But they did not tell me about SBI max gain. Now it has been sanctioned and disbursed under SBI YUVA LOAN.

I know Max gain is very beneficial, how can I switch my folio to Max gain? Can Any one give me details about this.

Waiting for comments !

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  1. Babu says:

    I have met the Branch Manager to convert my existing Home Loan to Maxgain, but he says it can’t be converted and they don’t have such kind of rules.

    Also I requested whether I can increase the Loan tenure as it is difficult to pay current EMI, for that too he says it can’t be done.

    I don’t know why SBI is not allowing these simple things.. Or the managers are not knowledge enough??

    Please suggest


    1. Hi Babu

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  2. mayur says:

    i have home loan in sbi it is term loan option need to convert it into maxgain what will be the charges and procedure for it

    1. Hi mayur

      This is very specific query which you should follow up with the concerned authority only. We wont be able to comment on that


  3. Rahul says:


    I have switched my home loan of 10.5 Lacs from Indiabulls to SBI in the month of March-2015.
    I had applied for Max Gain Home Loan in the application.
    Now when I checked for transaction rights on internet banking, I did not see the option for transfer from Home Loan account to Savings account.
    I checked this with Branch and they realised that RACPC processed my application as “term loan”
    I am aware of all the benefits of Max Gain Overdraft account and that’s the only reason for switching from Indiabulls to SBI.
    I am disappointed knowing that its opened as term Loan account despite informing them to open it as Max Gain in the beginning many times.
    Please suggest me the options for switching it to Max Gain account now.

  4. Dear Shiv, if conversion to Max Gain is not possible, paying regular part payments or increased EMI are the only options to you.



  5. shiv kumar says:

    Thanks Ashal,
    I will check with loan serving branch. If I cannot convert to MaxGain, what else options I have to reduce the amount of Interest I pay ?
    One thing I know is to make extra payments each EMI or whenever possible, so that I principal reduces & subsequently the Interest being calculated.

  6. Dear Shiv, please check with your loan serving branch. Earlier such conversion from term loan to max gain was possible. Can’t comment for current situation if there is any change in rules.



  7. shiv kumar says:

    Dear Ankit, Ashal,

    Please tell me whether its not possible to change from any other SBI Home Loan to Max Gain ? Because I have an SBI “Easy Home Loan” that I was thinking to convert to “Max Gain”. Already I have completed 4 yrs of payment process.


  8. Dear Ankit, your personal choice. 🙂



  9. ankit Gupta says:

    Now I am not in mood of reapplying. To get a loan from SBI is an achievment. I am trying to emulate SBI max gain loan as I have SBI auto sweep account where I park my extra bucks to get interest (I know it gives me less yield). But for now this is what I can do.


  10. Dear ankit, so what’s your take, “ll you go for repeat process to avail Max Gain or ‘ll remain hapy with Yuva?



  11. ankit Gupta says:

    Thanks Credexpert.

    You were right. I can not switch. To do this, whole process need to begin.

  12. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr.Gupta,

    No there is no other way to shift your loan from SBI Yuva to SBI Max Gain. However, as suggested by Ashal do enquire the same with RACPC (Retail Assets Central Processing Centre)


  13. Dear Ankit, I repeat please contact RACPC for clarification.



  14. ankit Gupta says:

    Yes. I asked to branch manager, he said now it is not possible. However he assured that he can try after some time.

    Can I do any thing else to migrate? Pls advise.

  15. Dear Ankit, had you checked with your branch or RACPC?



  16. ankit Gupta says:

    Thanks for your reply !!

    I asked them but they denied and told me that Now it is not possible.

  17. Credexpert says:

    Dear Mr. Gupta,

    It would be in your best interest to contact SBI and check if you are allowed to switch from SBI Yuva to SBI Max Gain.


  18. ankit Gupta says:

    Okay I will contact to them.

  19. Dear Ankit, one time conversion is possible from normal Term loan to Max Gain. Please contact RACPC for this conversion.



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