No tax return to be filed below 5 lacs income, Will it be applicable in my case ?

POSTED BY kumaraditya2210 ON February 16, 2014 2:00 pm COMMENTS (2)

Manish Ji, I have a few questions on IT return filing. In current FY (2013-14), my estimated income will be Rs. 2.7 – 2.8 lakhs. I have put 1 lakh in PPF so I know I wont have to pay tax. Now my questions are:

1. Somewhere I read that below 5 lakhs it is not necessary to file IT returns. Is it true? So, in my case do I have to file IT return?

2. If I have to file, which form should I choose? I work as a contractual  lecturer in a college (and get salary), and earn Google AdSense revenue through blogging. I also get some direct payments from companies / individuals for website designing / SEO / guest blogging / freelancing etc. Once I was told it would be ITR-2. But will blogging revenue and freelancing remuneration be considered earning from profession? Will it be ITR-4 in that case?


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  1. kumaraditya2210 says:

    Thank you, Ashal Ji! That was quick!

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Kumar, as your combined income is just 2.8L Rs. and post PPF saving it’s less than 2L Rs. you need not to file your ITR. FYI – due to your google ad sense and other non teaching professional income, you w’d have to file ITR-4, if you like it to file any way.



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