No blood tests done by HDFC for term plan of 1 crore ?

POSTED BY Nagendra ON July 9, 2014 11:41 am NO COMMENTS

Hello Manish,

I recently purchased online term insurance from HDFC for Rs 1 crore and they just did nicotine test, checked my height weight and provided the insurance. Now the policy is in force.

I am worried as they have not done any blood test to check any health disorder. In the medical questionnaire they asked about Blood disorder I am not sure what all comes under this. My recent medical check showed that my cholesterol level is around 250 of which LDL is around 140. The questionnaire is not straight forward.

Should I ask them to do the blood tests? What happens if I develop any health disorders after the policy is in force? Should this be informed as and when I develop the disorders? Will the revelation increase the premium amount or would it cause reject of policy?



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