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Dear Sir,

We have star rankings for all Mutual funds so that we can select MF which has more stars to invest.
Or we can also do research on Funds’ performance and consistency in long term (Return vs Risky) on our own.
But, I did not find any sites which do rankings on NPS Fund managers.
Just we are provided NAVs of Funds in NPS.
Is there any site which analysis performance of Funds of NPS Fund Managers?
This is I have, but not helpful .

Request your help
Thank You
R Siva Prasad

R Siva Prasad

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  1. Abhinav Gulechha says:

    Thanks Ashal for the detailed analysis. Yes NPS is not advisable at this point of time..

  2. Dear Ashal,

    Thanks for information.
    I will use PPF and EPF

    Thank You

  3. Dear Siva, From next FY i.e. 2012-2013, DTC is not going to be implemented & hence no issue with ELSS. I think you are misunderstanding the fact that ELSS are no more eligible as a tax saving instrument but my dear friend, this ‘ll happen only as & when DTC becomes a reality. Till then breath easy & invest in ELSS for your Eq. bite within that 1L Rs. 80C limit.

    Please update yourself, in case of NPS, at the time of retirement, you have the option to purchase annuity (read purchase pension)from your accumulated corpus, anywhere from 100% to 40%. Balance amount only can be used to invest elsewhere.

    In my opinion, we are better off if the retirement oriented money is invested in a combo of PPF/PF & Eq. MFs (normal Eq. MFs & not ELSS as undet DTC, ELSS ‘ll not be available). But in this case discipline is the key.



  4. Dear Ashal,

    These are my thoughts and request to correct if wrong.
    As ELSS is not available for next year, I want to start NPS.
    At the end of age 60, the corpus amount can be deposited in any Monthly Income Plans so that I will get regular Income.

    Thank You

  5. Dear Siva, as of now, PPF limit is increased to 1L Rs. so where is the need to go for NPS? If you do want to bite Eq., ELSS are still available within the over all limit of 1L Rs.

    My request, please think on the point – You have created a good corpus in your NPS account & now at your age 60, you want to receive an equally good pension, Who is going to pay pension & what rate?

    As of now there is no clarify on this issue neither for pension provider nor for possible return (read pension).



  6. Dear Sir,

    But We have to invest in NPS ( in addition to PPF) to get Tax deductions.
    Is it OK, if we chose fund manager randomly.
    Though marketing of product is weak, the quality of Product may be good.
    Request your advice

  7. Amit Patel says:

    NPS is a awesome scheme for people of India but its implementation is still very poor phase.
    Compare to “401(K)” of USA and “Super” of Australia it is very competitive. As of now it is only compulsory for Government Employees and optional for others.
    There is no competition to attract customers and no advertisement by Fund Houses.
    New and private record keepers are not allowed. Service centers are not interested at all.
    Online platform is growing but not reachable to actual people.
    We can only see NPS fund performance, comparison and ratings once it will become compulsory, open and replacement of EPF.

    You asked this question too early.
    We may see huge NPS attractions and results after 2025 or 2030.

  8. Dear Siva, the answers lies in the fact that NPS is a super flop if you see the total no. of active subscribers till date is not more than 50000 from general public.

    This low volume (no. of subscribers) is the reason that no site is tracking actively for NPS funds’ performance.



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