New Mutual Fund addition or Increase the sip amount to the existing funds

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Currently I am investing in the below funds in SIP form. I would like to add extra 3000 INR to my investments. So can you please advice, whether I have to start this addtional amount with sip in new fund or add it to the exisiting funds.

HDFC Top 200 – 2000 (Since  Novemeber 2011)

Franklin India Bluechip – 2500 (Since January 2012)

HDFC Taxsaver – 2000 (Since August 2011)

I am long time investor, mean 15-20 years.


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  1. My proposal to add another ELSS fund was with an assumption that Vinodh will be able to invest major portion of his 80-c Savings in ELSS. Knowing that this might be last opportunity to invest in ELSS.

    With One Elss fund – 2k per month you end up investing 24K . 3 K in another Elss fund will be 36k. 60 K can be invested in ELSS MF. remaining 40 K can be EPF, PPF or insurance premium.

    1. TheZionView says:

      I agree saving through ELSS is one of best way to 80 c ,but my concern is why are you asking him to add a new ELSS fund when he already has HDFC Taxsaver. He just have to increase the contribution towards HDFC tax saver and meet his 80 c investment

  2. TheZionView says:


    i dont agree with wealthucreate suggestion of adding another ELSS fund. When you already have one its simply useless to another ELSS.

    If you are conservative investor stick to the exist fund split the amount as you want among the funds as they are large cap funds.

    If you want to take a a bit more risk and diversify you can choose a multi cap fund like Quantum Long term Equity Fund or DSPBR Equity fund.

    1. Vinodh Kumar says:

      @TheZionView : I am not conservative, but my planned investment period for 15-20 years. So I would like to take high risk to get high returns. Also, please let me know if any other funds I can consider.

      1. Dear Vinodh, please split the 3K Rs. into 1500 Rs. each & invest the same in to HDFC Top 200 & Franklin India Blue Chip fund on a different date SIP.



  3. says:

    Hi Vinod,

    I second wealthucreate’s opinion. All good funds.

    I suggest you add some flavor to your portfolio by investing in DSPBR Equity fund — this is a multicap fund.

    If you are prepared to take a bit more risk, invest in a good midcap fund — SBI Magnum Global (Slight risk) or Sundaram Select Midcap (more risky but more chances of returns)



  4. Vinod Sir,

    Funds choosen by you are good. You can add one more ELSS Mutual Fund and invest 3k in it.
    Choice can be ELSS from Fidelity or Canara robeco.If Market Tumbles try to go for lumpsum investment in funds you are holding.

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