Need suggestions on Mutual funds

POSTED BY visasubu ON February 16, 2012 1:38 pm ONE COMMENT

I have invested 3 funds in SIP in the year Apr 2008 and have stopped it in year jun 2011 as sips were not perfoming .
Tata infrastructure – 4000
Reliance Diversified Power sector fund – 2000
Kotak 50 equity scheme – 2000
The total investment is roughly is 3.4 lacs with actual value as same 3.4 lacs
pl advise whether i should hold or sell

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  1. Dear Visasubu, Do you know it’s the SIPs who have saved the day for you? Please check with any person who have invested in the first to 2 funds of yours’ in lump sum in 2007 or 2008 & still licking their wounds.

    Out of the 3 funds you mentioned, Tata Infra is a thematic fund where as Rel. Diversified Power is a sectoral fund. Both funds are not performing due to the underperforming of the stocks these funds are having in their portfolio. Just to remind you, Power & infra stocks are not at all performing as a whole.

    Well Kotak 50 was known as Kotak 30 earlier & it was a fund known for concentrated investments in just 30 stocks (that’s why it’s name was Kotak 30). When the bull run from 2003 to 2008 jan was in good swing, it gave super duper returns. Once the tide changed it went down in a big way & corrected it’s way by changing the mandate from 30 stocks concentration to 50 stocks & thus renamed itself as Kotak 50.

    What’s the solution? Please redeem from all 3 funds & invest in a one go (as money is already invested in Eq. hence asking to invest in lump sum) in HDFC Top 200, Quantum Long Term Eq.



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