Need suggestions for Health insurance for Parents

POSTED BY Kirubakaran ON March 11, 2013 5:42 pm ONE COMMENT


 My parents age are 55 and 42 respectively. Currently, I pay 17,000 for the premium of 3L+ 3L in my current company?

 I feel it’s too high compare to outside offers.

 I need your valuable advice whether I can go outside to subscribe insurance or not. If outside, will most of the diseases be covered.  Both are diabates-free.

 And also, which one will be most efficient family floater or separate premiums?

 Could someone of you share your experience?

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  1. You should definitely get individual covers for them for about 5L each at least. Not because present premium is high but because company policies have many uncertainties. (Job uncertainty is only one of them).

    I have one from United India and am pretty happy with it.

    You can read this to get more idea of how to choose!.aspx#.UT19hzdMl9U

    Don’t think about this as expense it is an investment to save future expense

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