Need suggestion reg Curent Portfolio!!!

POSTED BY Brundaban ON January 30, 2012 4:28 pm COMMENTS (5)

Dear All,
Need ur suggestion for a new investment in below fund and pls verify if my portfolio is correct.

1.HDFC Top 200 (G)- 5000
2.HDFC Equity (G)- 5000
3.IDFC Premier Equity(G)-2000

The above SIP MFs are my current portfolio monthly basis.
Except these i want to invest in one Gold ETF so shall i go for Quantum Gold saving fund instead of any direct Gold ETF for better return and from charge point of view.

Can i go ahead with Quantum Gold Saving fund with Amt. 2000 or add one balanced fund like HDFC Prudence fund with Rs 2000 to my portfolio.

Pls suggest.


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  1. Dear Brundaban, please confirm that you are asking for Quantum Gold ETF or Quantum Gold saving fund?

    If you meant for Gold saving fund, please do note it’s fund of fund which ‘ll ultimately invest in Quantum Gold ETF. So the FMC ‘ll be double for you. 1.25% from this Gold saving fund & another FMC of the Gold ETF where your money ‘ll go finally.

    You may invest 2K each in HDFC Prudence & Quantum Gold but do not expect any super duper returns from your gold fund for the period you are going to invest in.



  2. Brundaban says:

    Dear Manish/Ashal and all,

    One more suggestion/help i need from all of you.
    My investment profile is like below.

    1.HDFC Top 200- 5K
    2. HDFC Equty-5K
    3.IDFC Pre Eqty-Plan A 2000

    i want to go for a gold to be in balanced portfolio so to acheive this shall i go for 2 new invesment in HDFC Prudence and Quabtum Gold Saving fund 2000 each or simply add just an additional investment of 2000 into HDFC TOP 4000 more?

    The expense ratio of Quantum gold savings fund is just 1.25% i think very less apart from all it’s counterpart Gold ETF s, and in this fund u no need to invest just 1unit as the NAV is equal to 1gm of gold, u can invest as low as anything.

    Pls correct me if i’m………

    My horizon is more than 10yrs.

    Pls comment on this.

  3. Dear Brundaban, Yes HDFC Prudence ‘ll be a better choice than Gold if you meant to invest & not speculate.



  4. Brundaban says:

    Thanks Ashal for your valuable input.
    Can i go for HDFC prudence (g) fund the balanced fund instead any gold ETF.

    Pls suggest.


  5. Dear Brubdaban, Please go ahead for the Eq. funds selected by you. Regarding Gold ETF/Gold fund, my take is a bit different from the normal yes or no type. If you are married & having child(ren), please assign a quantity of Gold that you w’d gift to your child(ren) at the time of marriage. Divide this quantity by the no. of months you have from now till actual requirement. This ‘ll be your mly purchase quantity of Gold. Purchase & relax.

    if your query was just to speculate on gold prices & to earn some quick bucks, my dear friend – party may be over any time soon & you may not get the desired returns from the Gold investments.



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