Need some information on Maxgain Home loan – Bank not giving right information

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In the first stance i wish to thank you for the wealth of information I gathered about MAX GAIN Loan from SBI. I can say not 1% of relevant information was given to me by the bank. I floated through the entire process of sanctioning and disbursements with setbacks and hurdles galore. I am a doctor and not very financially savvy, hence this question. I feel I have taken a loan for an amount larger than i require ( in terms of total cost of property ) The loan amount sanctioned was Rs 42 lakhs.

My queries are as follows

1.This is a project under construction in Chennai with a time bound installment disbursement from SBI. If I don’t need all of the 42 lakhs from the bank to buy the property how do I go about not having the bank disburse the total sanctioned amount at all? Simply put it I have taken a home loan in excess of what I actually require :(

2. despite a total of 42 lakhs being sanctioned, the OD ACCOUNT online shows a limit and drawing power of RS 41,84,826 / instead of the expected  Rs42 lakhs. Could you tell me for what reason they might have reduced the 15 odd thousand rupees?

I would appreciate and be grateful if you could solve my queries because I honestly find the task of calling SBI very painful

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